Doing Things Afraid - Real Life Example
I saw a post one day asking for Women who have experienced an unexpected pregnancy and would be willing to share their story. I quickly responded to that post. I almost felt like it was written directly to me. Then after a few messages, I had all the details to sign up, but I didn't.

I didn't have any belief that my story was important enough to be put into a legit book. After a week or so, it kept pulling on me to write my story, so I committed to it. I still didn't truly believe in myself enough but I did not want to stand in my own way any longer.

Like many other people, my story is full of complexities and challenges. I struggled a bit with which part of my story to tell and which parts wouldn't be as helpful to the women I hope to help by telling my story.

I sat down two different times over the next 2 weeks and tried to write. Each time I tried to write, it didn't feel quite right. My words weren't flowing freely and it felt like a struggle. I decided I was trying too hard. The deadline was October 31, 2021 to have it written, so that morning I was determined to get it written. I sat down and wrote my story in less than 4 hours.

I now realize the first two times I had tried to write didn't work because I was remembering and processing all those emotions from that time in my life. The shame, the fear, the pain, and the joy. I was overwhelmed with tears multiple times while trying to authentically share that time in my life. 

I encourage everyone to share their truth. Your story may be just what another person needs to hear to inspire them, encourage them, or just validate that they are not alone. They are not the only one to face a similar circumstance. Can you imagine a world full of people lifting other people up instead of judging them?

Be grateful and have faith,
Michelle LeeAnn


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