Hi! I'm Michelle LeeAnn aka MamaBear. Proud mama of five children, three boys and twin girls. I began my motherhood journey at 17 years of age. I have endured judgement, struggled with self-love, battled depression and health issues. It took me a  long time to develop the mindset that in a world of worriers, I needed to be a warrior. 

After several years of personal growth, I became a Certified Life Coach and Finance Coach. My hobbies include exploring the outdoors, going on motorcycle rides, gardening, and in the colder months you can find me curled up on the couch in front of a warm fire. I spend my time and energy creating a life I truly love.  My mission is helping you find balance in life by looking at 7 key areas in your life, teaching you how to identify and handle 7 common blockers, and how to use 7 accelerators to reach the life of your dreams with an actionable plan. If you are regularly feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, anxious, fatigued, or sleepless nights - these could all be signs of a lack of balance in your life.

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Come and be a part of my free Facebook Community where Mamas can connect, share tips and hacks, and support one another as we navigate our individual journeys. I know I spend a lot of time doing  "All The Things" for my family and at times have forgotten or been too busy to take care of myself. I don't think I am the only Mama that experiences this, so let's support each other in love, respect, acceptance, and remind each other to take care of our needs too. This way we can keep rocking "All The Things" for our families.
These are a few of my favorite moments.

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