FUN: When Was the Last Time You Had Some?
OK, so the world is a crazy place right now. But you can still give yourself permission to have fun.

Good times are the spark that recharges your batteries and refreshes your mind for what’s coming next. Whether it’s daily fun, weekend treks, or vacations and bucket-list adventures you plan for months, fun is an essential part of being human.

In fact, it delivers real physiological benefits by combatting the stress hormone cortisone in your body. So if you’re someone who says, Fun is for kids. Adults don’t do that . . . or if you have the commonly held belief: I’ll have fun once I retire, realize that you’re cheating yourself from one the real joys of life.

Of course, there’s one step you’ve got to handle before the good times can begin: get your life solid (your finances, your health, your relationships, your career) so that “fun” is guilt-free, affordable and energizing—instead of stressful, costly and exhausting.

What could you do for fun while you’re on your get-my-life-solid journey? Here are some ideas . . .

• Take a picnic and hike a local trail
• Text the guys for a game of pickup basketball
• Volunteer for a community cleanup day
• Go to an apple-growing region for cider tasting

With some planning, you could even enjoy bucket-list adventures like skiing in the Alps, working on an archeological dig, or studying art with a recognized master.

One of my favorite guilt-free family fun adventures is a hike in the woods with my family at one of the many local parks in our area. I love taking time to appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds us and enjoy quality time together too.

Comment and tell me what YOU want to do once your life is handled!

As a coach, I not only help people create a plan for achieving their goals in major life categories like fitness, finances, and field (career), but I also make sure their plan includes a whole lot of fun. Whether you need financial sanity, a more fulfilling career, a loving marriage, or something else, the unique coaching program I deliver is designed to bring about the abundance, happiness and improvement you want. 

You deserve an amazing life! While you're here, feel free to take a look at the various Coaching Programs I make available to my clients.

Here's to having more fun!
Michelle LeeAnn


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