Did you know fun supports a balanced life?
“Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun.”

I love this quote by the late Carnegie Mellon professor Randy Pausch. Not only is fun important, it’s the spark that recharges your batteries and refreshes your mind for what’s coming next. Whether it’s daily fun, weekend treks, or vacations and bucket-list adventures you plan for months, fun is an essential part of being human.

And it supports a balanced life.

All month long, I’ve been sharing strategies for making sure you include fun as part of a balanced life. 

Along with fitness, finances, family, field, faith and friends . . . FUN is an area that often gets out of balance—and an area which most people ignore, especially when money is low and stress is high.

The irony, of course, is that fun actually combats the stress hormone cortisone in your body, plus it provides other physiological benefits. It doesn’t require a lot of money. And with some planning, you could even enjoy bucket-list adventures like meeting someone famous who inspires you . . . attending a high-level workshop related to your hobby . . . or visiting historical sights you’ve always dreamed of seeing in person.

As a coach, I not only help people create a plan for achieving their goals in major life categories like fitness, finances, and field (career), but I also make sure their plan includes a whole lot of fun.

Could you use less stress, more balance, and more fun in your life? Whether your goals are financial sanity, a more fulfilling career, a loving marriage, or something else, the unique Oola Coaching Program I deliver is designed to bring about the abundance, happiness and improvement you want. It’s the kind of life that makes fun guilt-free and plentiful!

Keep adding Fun while building a solid life.
Michelle LeeAnn


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