Is Self-Sabotage Stopping You From Your Dreams?
Did you know that, just as you’re on the verge of achieving the life of your dreams, you run the risk of losing all your progress?
Over the past week, I’ve been talking about the habits, behaviors and mental blocks that keep us from getting where we want to be in life. And the culprit I want to talk about today is . . .

It’s the self-talk that’s tells you, It’s OK to celebrate with ice cream, after you just lost 30 pounds. It’s the “overthink” that prompts you to blow up that new romantic relationship before it really starts. Or it’s the procrastination that destroys that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to advance your career.

Why does our brain DO that?
Over your lifetime, your subconscious mind—which runs your body’s systems, takes in information, and helps you make decisions—becomes programmed to act in your best interests. It protects you from harm. So every time you try to achieve—but fail miserably—your subconscious mind reacts to that painful disappointment by saying, Okay, so we’re never doing that again. It stores the information so it can “protect you” the next time you take similar action.

But remember: you are smart, successful, beautiful, and accomplished. You’re capable, lovable, talented, and interesting. In fact, your life has so much potential. And one way to overcome self-sabotage is to keep powerful goals in front of you—powerful enough to pull you through the negative self-talk or reckless actions.

If self-sabotage is working its way through your life, and you want to show up differently and make some serious changes (in your relationships, finances, career, health and more), I have good news: I’ve teamed up with Oola to bring you a 10-week focused approach to creating a life that’s balanced, happy, and growing.

Don't just dream about the ideal life you want. 

Be grateful and have faith,
MamaBear Michelle LeeAnn


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