Is Guilt Stopping You From Your Dreams?
Recently I posted about overcoming fear and working toward achieving the life you want. Well, just like fear, there’s another blocker that can stop us from moving forward on our dreams: Guilt.

We’ve all made bad choices in the past or said things we regret. But when those actions hurt ourselves or other people, guilt often follows. Even situations in the past that were not our fault—divorcing parents or physical abuse, for example—can leave us feeling blameworthy, undeserving and unlovable. 

Sadly, guilt can occupy valuable real estate in our minds and even become part of our “story” as to why we can’t take action on achieving our dreams. Worst of all, it can keep us from showing up fully and taking the steps needed to create the life we want.
In the time that I’ve been a Certified Oola Life Coach, I’ve discovered that taking action and staying committed to your goals will not only help you get past guilt, it will also help you move toward the life you want faster than almost any other way. 

I personally spent a large majority of my life holding on to guilt - some was from my mistakes and some mistakes were not mine but products of my environment. Unfortunately this created a feeling inside me that I was not worthy of love, or respect from anyone, not even myself. Once I confronted the source of the guilt and dealt with it head on, I was able to finally start fully showing up in my life without being afraid of showing my face to the world. I am worthy of all of my dreams and so are you!

I specifically help Single Parents define their major life goals (and stay accountable to the steps needed to achieve them), through Transform, a 10-week coaching program, designed to literally transform your life, your finances, your relationships and more. Schedule a call with me and let's discuss whether or not we would make a good team in helping you achieve your dreams.

Be grateful, have faith, and let's build your Oola Life!
MamaBear Michelle LeeAnn


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