The Year of "Time Out"
While 2020 was not what anyone wanted or could have imagined, I have taken the "Time Out" to work on myself and work on some personal projects. Super excited to have some of those projects completed and my hope is it will help others find more balance, to help reduce stress and frustration from their lives too.

For me the last year has been full of surprises (not all good), learning new balance for my daily life, being a virtual school assistant while teleworking, controlling chaos created by others outside of our family, making mental health balance a priority, and planning "Supply Runs" when finding groceries and paper products were difficult or the nearly impossible to find. We were blessed to be able to find what we needed (not necessarily everything we wanted) to sustain our family during these times.

Here is some good that has come from the "Time Out":

  • More time with my twin Cubs - our bond is even stronger now and we have improved our communication skills with each other, which feels like a miracle in itself as we navigate these teenage years.

  • More quality time with the Man who still gives me butterflies and makes my heart skip a beat everytime he smiles at me.

  • Finding balance in all 7 key areas of my life which brings more peace and joy eliminating extra stress and frustration.

  • Getting serious about starting to pursue my dreams and goals - which happens to be serving others by Coaching them through finding balance in their lives.

  • Took action by finding a Mentor, completed Business Trainings, and finished my Certification to become a Certified Life Coach. "A goal or dream without action is unlikely to magically manifest in your life!"

  • Both of my Cubs have watched me get serious about my goals and dreams and have both decided to become Entrepreneurs as well at age 13 (It's never too early or too late!). Proud MamaBear Moment!

  • Teleworking full-time - Being able to skip commuting which saves money on gas, gives me more of my time back, and I am more productive in my job too.

  • Learned a new life skill - canning homemade from scratch foods with my Cubs - Chili, Beef Stew, Taco Meat, Baked Beans, and more. In addition to making our own homemade Strawberry Jam and Grape Jelly.

  • Making homemade yogurt that is simple, delicious, and much healthier than store bought. Our jams and jellies go great with it too!

  • Slowing down to once again appreciate the simple everyday things we use to take for granted. 
I realize many families have and still are facing an extremely difficult year and I am by no means am making light of that by writing this. My heart and prayers go out to everyone struggling. All I am simply asking is for everyone to try to think of the good things that have happened during this "Time Out" and be grateful for each one.

If you are a Woman interested in finding more balance in your life, I invite you to join my free Live Differently - 21 Day Challenge for Women.

Much love and prayers to you all,
MamaBear Michelle LeeAnn


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