Bringing Balance to Your Career
If last year taught us anything, it’s that we need stability, calm and balance in our careers.

Whether it’s working at a local company . . . raising amazing kids as a full-time parent . . . or running your own show with a business of your own, are you in a field you love, doing what you want to do?

Or do you need to make a change (including a change that the recent economic crisis has forced on you)?

Part of living a balanced, happy life is doing work that inspires and delights you: you’re good at it, you’re needed, and you love everything about the 6-10 hours a day you spend doing it. 

If you’re not there yet in your worklife, I’d like to talk to you about ways to grow in your career, have more fun, show up in a bigger way, and finally make the kind of income you dream of.

As a Certified Oola Life Coach, I’ve teamed up with human-potential experts and bestselling authors Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl to bring you the 
10-week Oola Coaching Program designed to help you achieve balance in all 7 major life areas: Fitness, Finance, Family, Field, Faith, Friends and Fun.

Career upgrades and business-building are two of the best reasons to work with a life coach. Without family pressure, opinions, or judgment, we can look at what YOU really want and how you might transition—safely and sensibly—into a situation that’s far better than the one you’re in now.

And, by the way? If this latest crisis has eliminated your job altogether, it may be the excuse you need to pursue the worklife of your dreams.

So why not schedule a 
FREE 30 minute Discovery Call with me to talk more about how coaching works to improve careers, businesses, full-time parenting—even pursuing volunteer work or philanthropy.

Be grateful, have faith, and go get your Oola Life!
MamaBear Michelle LeeAnn


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