Reducing the Cable Bill
With our Cable Contract expiring on the 20th of this month, I started searching for TV alternatives and where I could cut costs. I will be downgrading to internet only. Sharing my findings in case it helps anyone else. 

1) Verizon Wireless Customers with unlimited plans can get Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN for FREE. (There is a cut off date to sign up in February).

2) Philo - 63 Channels for $20 a month with unlimited DVR (Saved for 30 days and automatically deleted - no managing). You can create indivdual profiles. Right now they offer $5 off for you and me if you use my referral link: You can add Epix for $6 a month and/or Starz for $10 a month too. 

3) Goodbye to Netflix- I am a long standing customer but with the price increases and availability of cheaper but still great quality alternatives, it is time to end this relationship. 

4) Amazon Prime Movies is included with your Prime Membership and provides some options as well. 

Currently paying $145 a month for decent internet and cable. After doing some research I have found the above set up with internet only from my Cable provider will save over $50 a month (Over $600 a YEAR!) and upgrades our internet too. 

Don't have a Smart TV, no worries, here are 2 inexpensive options:

Please feel free to share any saving tips you have found too. 2020 has caused many of us to reassess our finances. 

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