Have you lost your Authentic Self?
What does it mean to be authentic? It means to be true to yourself, to be real with your thoughts and your feelings. Having your words and actions align with your internal thoughts and values. Not holding on to what anyone else (parents, family, or society) says about how you are supposed to act or do things. 

For me I was not taught to be authentic in any way. I was told how to act,  how to speak, what to speak, when to speak, and to be polite above all. This meant if someone asked me how I was doing, I was taught to say that I'm ok even if I wasn't and I would hold everything inside in the name of being polite and having good manners. Nobody really cares how you are doing anyway, it's just a polite question to ask...right?

How absurd is that?! We aren't good or ok every day and that is normal in this human experience. Let's stop making this wrong! There is freedom in being authentic, not suppressing our emotions, and letting others see us brightly shining in our lives even when things aren't perfect.

We should use our authenticity to inspire and build each other up to boldly live our lives and chase our dreams. I spent years surviving life and not living life. 

 I have chosen to unapologetically live my life by taking time for self-reflection to understand my wants and needs; no longer suppressing my feelings; to have courage to be vulnerable enough to share and release feelings of shame, guilt, regret, etc.; to stop comparing myself to others and trying to portray the appearance of "perfection"; to let go of the old ideas and the projections of others regarding who I am supposed to be and embrace who I actually am.

I personally invite you to come join a free community of Authentic + Empowered Mamas, look forward to seeing you there.


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