The "Little Things" Left Behind
Growing up I had a close bond with my grandmother affectionately known as Nanny. In many ways Nanny was a second Mom in my life. We use to play cards, do random projects around the house, do yard work, and she taught me to cook and make some of her favorite things. They weren't fancy things but I loved learning and spending time with her.

The most notable thing she taught me to make was what she called Pinwheels. It is not what you may think of when hearing Pinwheels, it is a Peanut Butter and Confectioners Sugar concoction that is almost addicting. It was always a special treat and she was the only person I ever knew to make it.

A few years ago I tried to make it for my children, it had been years since I had tried to make it, in fact I hadn't made it since before she passed away. Let's just say it did not go well and I was so upset that day. I haven't tried to make it since.
I have told my children about the fond memories associated with this delicious candy that Nanny use to make and I use to know how to make. 

One of my Twin 13 year old daughters is an aspiring chef and she found a recipe for the Pinwheels that Nanny use to make since I can no longer recall the exact measurements. Without me knowing, she attempted to make the Pinwheels for us. I was sitting on the back porch with my guy and my daughter brought out a plate of Pinwheels and handed it to me.  All I could think of was how sweet it was for her to attempt to make my favorite candy that Nanny use to make and even if it wasn't exactly right it would still be good and I appreciated the gesture. 

As soon as I tasted it, an overwhelming joy filled my heart, tons of good memories came flooding back, and joyful tears began streaming down my face uncontrollably. My daughter made it perfectly, it tasted exactly as I remembered, and for a moment it almost felt like Nanny was here with me. My daughter was so shocked by my reaction, I am a pretty tough person trying to hold everything together on the regular and I completely crumbled in less than 30 seconds over Pinwheels.

I miss my Nanny very much but definitely didn't expect such an overwhelming yet beautiful reaction. I have always heard it is the "little things" that mean the most. I teach this to my children and absolutely believe it is true. Just never imagined how impactful "little things" could really be until last night.

I am sure my Nanny would have never thought that making Pinwheels for me would hold so much emotion and so many fond memories for me. Then I started thinking about my kids, what are the "little things" that they will hold dear once I am no longer around? I couldn't come up with anything, so I am deciding to make it a priority to make time for all of the "little things" so they can experience an unbelievably beautiful moment like mine one day. 


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