Sugar Free Strawberry Jam
These days I find myself making more things at home just to have peace of mind that I know the exact ingredients used and how it was made. This is a quick and easy Sugar Free Strawberry Jam recipe with step-by-step instructions that has my whole family's approval. Whether on peanut butter sandwiches, on toast, in homemade yogurt, or on top of pancakes it is always a hit! 

4 Cups of quartered strawberries
1 Cup of Honey
2 Tbsp of Lemon Juice or 1/4 Tsp of Citric Acid

1. Wash strawberries (I use Young Living Thieves Fruit and Veggie Soak).
2. Remove strawberries from water and quarter them.
3. Put quartered strawberries into Instant Pot liner
4. Add honey and Lemon Juice or Citric Acid
5. Place lid on Instant Pot and Seal.
6. Cook on High Pressure for 1 minute.
7. Allow Instant Pot to sit and perform Natural Pressure Release for 15 minutes, then quick release if still pressurized, and remove lid. (If the pin has dropped you do not need to do the quick release).
8. Use an immersion blender or potato masher to get strawberries to desired consistency.
9. With lid off Saute on High while consistently stirring until the mixture reaches the jam consistency you desire. (approx. 10 - 20 minutes, cooking longer is fine as long as you keep stirring).
10. Use a ladle to transfer into warmed jelly jars and leave 1/2" room from the top of the jar.

Storage Options:
1. Allow jam to cool and refrigerate for up to 2 weeks.
2. Can using Water Bath Method with your Instant Pot making the Jam shelf stable for 2 years.

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