What is your Extraordinary Future?
Hi, I’m MamaBear. I am a tough love, truth speaking warrior, armored in love with a passion to help others. If anything I say resonates with you, let’s connect. I want to spark the fire for your healthier life!

I have been a single parent of my twin daughters and my son since 2008. My daughters were 18 months old and my son was 13 at that time. The next 4 years held many blessings that included but were not limited to a full-time job making a good wage, the ability to live near family, and purchase my first home.

In 2016, I found the need for my daughters to have an activity and neither are really interested in sports but they definitely needed something to burn off their abundance of energy. I found a free workshop at a local Martial Arts School and they loved it! They started taking classes regularly.

In April 2017 I was 189 pounds, always tired, and struggling with low thyroidism due to a thyroidectomy. My friend was offering a group to support women on their journey to overall health which included much more than just losing weight. She inspired me and was the spark to the fire of my healthier life! 

I found new confidence and a desire to make a change in my life. About this same time one of the Instructors from the Martial Arts School finally convinced me to join my daughters in the family class twice a week. 
By July 2018 I had lost 40 pounds! We went hiking for the first time that month and loved every minute. After learning how to eat healthier, removing chemicals in the house and using more natural alternatives instead was the next logical step for us. 

Now my daughters and I are brown belts in Krav Maga, which is a military self-defense developed for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) taught in Martial Arts Schools. I have peace of mind that they can defend themselves if the situation ever arises. I am healthier now than ever, I feel amazing, and my daughters have a more active Mama. 

Please understand, there is nothing extraordinarily special about me. Murphy's law was once my best friend in life. If I can turn around my life while having every excuse not, so can you! Whether it is your health, your finances, or your quality of life - whatever you are willing to claim can be yours.

Much love and respect,

MamaBear Michelle LeeAnn

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Certified Oola Life Coach since October 15, 2020

Certified Green Gap Coach since January 15, 2021

Certified Mental Health First Aid since April 9, 2021