Can Wisdom Help You Live Your Dreams?
Wisdom comes from many places: your own experiences, people you know, and successful people you would like to follow. Listening to all three will help you get closer to achieving your biggest life goals. 

When I talk with people, I’m often surprised by the stories of smart, successful types who don’t seem to learn from their past mistakes, whether it’s relationships, money, family or something else.

But to use wisdom to accelerate your way toward achieving your major life goals, you need to review your past actions every time you embark on an important new path. Listen to your intuition, your gut instinct—that handy mental acuity you develop by making good and bad decisions over time. If you’re about to quit your job, get a new dog, hire that contractor, or sink your last $1,000 into yet another friend’s business venture, well hey, how’d that work out for you last time?

If you believe you could do a lot of growing in the area of wisdom, I’ve got a list of tips that will give you some ideas to get started. Message me and I’ll get it out to you right away. 

Don't just dream about the ideal life you want. Start living it! 

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Keep going, don't quit!
MamaBear Michelle LeeAnn


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