Can Discipline Help You Live Your Dreams?
It’s said that, “Discipline is all about the hustle.”

Rarely will you meet someone who’s living the life of their dreams who doesn’t also have a strong work ethic. But what is discipline, really? It’s doing what must be done—even if you don’t want to at that moment. It’s battling through the daily grind, putting in the extra hours, using sheer force of will.

But it’s also doing things consistently—like exercising 60 minutes a day. Or saving something every month for early retirement.
The cool thing is you already have all the discipline you need. There are already habits you follow, tasks that get done, and stuff you consistently spend time on. Unfortunately, they’re often counterproductive to the goals you want to reach. Take social media, for example. If you’ve ever clicked over to check out a friend’s post on Facebook, then found yourself down a rabbit hole still following links an hour later, that’s 60 minutes you didn’t spend on accomplishing your dream life.

But what if you spent the same amount of time, energy, and focus on new disciplines that would get you closer to your goals?
It’s easy to stay focused on your goals with a system and an accountability partner. That’s where I can help. For a list of tips that will help you use the power of discipline to meet your biggest life goals, 
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The Oola Lifestyle Framework is the formula I’ve discovered that has transformed not only my life, but the lives of countless people around the world. It will help you define the goals you want to achieve, then keep you accountable to doing those things every day to bring about those outcomes. Check it out and work with me every week to find balance and calm the chaos in major life areas like finances, fitness, family, field (career) and more. Book your free discovery call and start your transformation today!

Keep going, don't quit!
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