Faith is Part of a Balanced Life
If you’ve been focused on excelling in your career, growing your finances, creating a beautiful home, or building a network of business relationships, you’ve probably created an amazing life for you and your family. If your kids have been focused on sports, academic achievement, or extracurricular activities, they’ve probably got a great start on their future.
But while many people think this kind of success equates to “having it all,” the reality is that you really don’t have it all without faith. 
Story after story abounds of high achievers—people at optimum levels in every other area of their lives—who say either they couldn’t have gotten there without a close relationship with God, or that the level of success they now enjoy has inspired them to become more faithful.
If the world has thrown your life off track lately and you could really use someone on your side, God is ready for a wholehearted relationship with you. 
And it’s this connection where you’ll discover your unique life purpose. It’s where you can say, “Hey, if this is what I’m supposed to be doing, then smooth my path and show me the next steps.” It’s also where you can find answers for the tough stuff that comes up in life.
Of course I’m not here to prescribe any particular religion. But I do know that faith asks us to believe in something bigger than ourselves. 
Faith is part of a balanced lifestyle. And coaching people through finding balance and achieving life changes in every major area is something I do through a unique 10-week coaching program designed around the bestselling book and coaching formula: Oola: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World.
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Have faith, be grateful, and go get your Oola Life!
MamaBear Michelle LeeAnn 


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